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Anyone With an Idea and the Will Can Be an Entrepreneur

At one time or another in most people's lives they come up with what I call "a million dollar idea." It's that idea that comes to you while you're working on a project and discover a better way to do something or a better tool to use. Maybe it's an inspirational inkling about helping others who are struggling by coming up with a solution to a problem. Or maybe it's just a product you have imagined that you know would be a consumer's dream. The thing about a million dollar idea is you have...

Role Models Should Earn Their Admiration

Listen up, parents! Even in this celebrity-centric society where rock stars, athletes and reality show stars are put on a pedestal for dubious reasons, mom and dad are still the biggest role models for their kids. I draw that conclusion from an article that appeared in an education blog of The New York Times that ran shortly after Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs died. Reporter Shannon Doyne asked students "Who is Your Role Model?" and offered Jobs as well as pop singer Kelly Clarkson as examples of people worth emulating. But when...

Protect Your Child From Online Dangers with My Ebook

As a web developer, I know the power of the Internet. As a parent, I know its pitfalls.  Wearing both hats, I have published my ebook, "100 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe Online: The Guide for Parenting in a Digital World."   The book has allowed me to share my expertise as an Internet consultant and as a father of two boys, a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old, to help other parents protect their children from nefarious computer users who may be using the Internet to harm or exploit children.   My company Read more 29

Are you a visionary? Dreams with action can change the future!

Here’s something stimulating to ask yourself … are you a visionary?  Do you envision what doesn’t exist now but might some day?  A visionary has a big dream and gets it out of his head and shares it clearly so people get it.  A visionary has so much passion that those around are inspired and want to sign up for the dream to make it a reality regardless of what is actually happening around them. A true dreamer sees the future and figures out a way to bring it into reality for the benefit of helping other people. Helping other people...
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