“Success in business requires vision,
preparation, discipline and hard work” – John Romano

“Excellence in people is measured by how far they have traveled from their starting point” – John Romano

“Respect of the client, honesty and competence…” – John Romano

“Don’t let a moment of defeat define your life’s outcome. No matter how many failures you’ve had, you still have it in you to create the greatest comeback story of your life.…” – John Romano

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Catching the Next Big Wave in the Travel Industry: Vacation Rentals

Always scanning the radar for a new business opportunity? Pay attention to a certain blip growing on your screen. It’s not just bigger than a house – it’s the size of a metropolis. I’ve been profiting from the vacation rental boom myself already with geographically targeted directories. In my upcoming free webinar, you can learn how to efficiently start your own vacation rental business and claim your own vacation rental territory.
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Get Into the ‘Habits’ of Growing Your Business

Twenty-five years after author Stephen Covey rocked the business world with his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” the business-oriented self-help guide continues to be the gold standard for entrepreneurs seeking a path toward growing their companies. Having sold more than 25 million copies in 38 languages worldwide (and counting), it remains one of the all-time, best-selling nonfiction business books and Covey’s approach is practiced the world over by aspiring moneymakers. Self-discovery, self-mastery, initiative, responsibility, team-building, prioritization, and open-mindedness are just some of the characteristics that Covey suggests are necessary for success....
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Johnny Mercer Had the Right Idea: Accentuate the Positive

Johnny Mercer hit on something when he wrote “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative” for the classic tune. But the lyrics might be easier sung than done. With a bitterly divided Congress, constant reminders of differences between red and blue states and never-ending attacks on our country’s leaders, negativity has become the norm in the United States. And while it is endemic to politics, negativity can also permeate the business world. Entrepreneurs, particularly those pioneering a new product or service, are perhaps most susceptible to negative comments from family, friends, even peers. Their disparaging comments...

Stop! 5 Facebook Practices That Drive Your Friends Crazy

Social media is pretty much here to stay. We can all agree on that much. It also appears that Facebook is where you can find almost all of your friends any time of the day. You probably use it to connect with colleagues as well as that best friend from kindergarten that you never thought about until Facebook magically made it possible to keep in touch with everyone who ever waved at you.  Avoid the following five habits to ensure that those people stay your friends beyond the first day they accept your friend...

Content is King When Building a High-Traffic Website

No one likes traffic when it’s something you’re stuck in during an I-95 commute in South Florida. But it’s highly desirable among those who avoid that morning commute by running a website from their home office or a company that wants to increase its number of online customers. At Breakaway Solutions, my award-winning website development company, building a high-traffic website is the ultimate objective of the entrepreneurs and corporations that use our services. But how to get there? You can always turn to experts like myself when you want more eyes landing on your...
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