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If You Build It They Will Come – Only If You Run Your Website the Right Way

Guys, imagine not having to pick out a tie or shave before you go to work. And ladies, wouldn't it be nice not having to apply makeup in the rear view mirror during rush hour? Those can be just some of the mundane perks of having an online business; you can start work in the morning wearing pajamas if you feel like it. But there are more substantial rewards: the freedom to set your own work schedule, the self-satisfaction of starting a successful venture, the power to choose your own projects and not have...
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Marriage to an Entrepreneur Doesn’t Mean ‘Til Debt Due Us Part’

From his mother's reaction, you might think that Varun Agarwal committed a heinous crime or suffered from some hideous deformity. "I don't know what to do. Who will marry him?" the mother cries in Agarwal's book "How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company." What's so terribly wrong with Agarwal that causes so much consternation for his mother? He decided to pursue a path of entrepreneurship rather than the more socially acceptable trajectory of working for a short time after college before getting an MBA and accepting a salaried position with a good...
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Anyone With an Idea and the Will Can Be an Entrepreneur

At one time or another in most people's lives they come up with what I call "a million dollar idea." It's that idea that comes to you while you're working on a project and discover a better way to do something or a better tool to use. Maybe it's an inspirational inkling about helping others who are struggling by coming up with a solution to a problem. Or maybe it's just a product you have imagined that you know would be a consumer's dream. The thing about a million dollar idea is you have...

Protect Your Child From Online Dangers with My Ebook

As a web developer, I know the power of the Internet. As a parent, I know its pitfalls.  Wearing both hats, I have published my ebook, "100 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe Online: The Guide for Parenting in a Digital World."   The book has allowed me to share my expertise as an Internet consultant and as a father of two boys, a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old, to help other parents protect their children from nefarious computer users who may be using the Internet to harm or exploit children.   My company Read more 29

Welcome To My Personal Blog Page!

JOhn Romano - ebusiness consultant - Fort Lauderdale, FLWelcome to my personal blog where I discuss things I am passionate about:  entrepreneurship, business, leadership, consulting, internet marketing, small business technology trends, charities, latest news, hot topics, and other important business and non-business topics for clients, colleagues, friends and my children (In the future I hope some of my motivational posts will inspire my children to strive for excellence in life!). Entrepreneurship is a passion of mine; I believe everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit inside of them and it...
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